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James Roger Gartside Neville

A royal yellow business card, featuring a classical name and monogram in the centre. On the top edge there is an email address and phone number in italics. On the bottom edge there is the words London U.K. & Almería España in small caps (capitals). The business card is in a portrait or vertical orientation.
A poster for a museum display of a Sumerian sculpture of a seat figure, a patesi, or religious ruler, named Gudea. The top third of the image is a large title and information about the state. the Lower third is a black and white photograph of the top half of the statue. The statue has a yellow and a baby blue halo surrounding it, alluding to a godly aura or lichen.
A sky blue business card with a minimal, modern design, featuring a sans serif stacked monogram 'JRGN' and tasteful slab-serif information - name, email, phone number, and cities. The business card is in a landscape orientation.
A digital airbrushed painting of a yellow medieval helmet on a black and white background. The image has aa title of 'fig.8'A digital airbrush painting of the negative space left by an invisible medieval helmet. The painting is yellow, black and white. The image has a title of 'fig.9'A wine label for a wine named 'Barbera D'Alba' 2017 vintage. The label has a lot of typography in a classic style, decorated with swash script font and a classy serif. There is an image of a greek sculpture of a women's bust on a field of sky blue in the centre of the image.
A Black and white business card, which has a striking design that mimics a train ticket or metro or tube ticket. The centre portion has a monogram on a repeat pattern spanning the length of the horizontal plane. On the top and bottom edge there is a name, email address, telephone mobile number, and city address written in a fixed width font. The business card is in a landscape orientation.
A poster, the main image being a black and white grainy photo of a smooth statuette from Harappa, India. The statuette has lost its legs from damage, and its face is a small hole. The figure is smooth and curvaceous, and is set on a sky blue background. The lower section of the poster has the tittle 'Statuette of a Dancer c. 2400-2000 B.C.' and has a little accompanying text, all printed in gold.